Orphans Africa envisions a world without poverty in which all persons have freedom and opportunities to pursue happiness and maximize their potential.

We are a team who are helping these orphans located in Ugandan. The reason we chose to help these orphans mostly is that they end up on streets, prostitution or drug dealing because they loose hope for the future and there’s no one to hold their hand .Our orphans have guardians who takes care of them day by day. But it’s hard for them to provide every need for these kids. So what we do we provide basic needs for these kids which are; Their school fees, food, school materials, uniforms Health care In general we try to be involved in their life as much as possible. We are able to do these work by collecting money or any other type of help from people who are willing to help and support these kids. So our main Goal is to grow and increase the number of orphans. and other people in need around the world. We started this website for more awareness of our activities as we looking forward to not only Grow this organization but also be a big one family.